Pastor’s Blog for 1-12-18

A Note from the Pastor…

This Winter, we will be following the Gospel of John in worship.  I am incredibly excited about preaching from John because it is my favorite gospel.

Some people might find this weird.  John is very different from the synoptic gospels – Matthew, Mark, and Luke.  The stories are longer and in a different order than we are accustomed.  Some of the best-known stories are missing completely.  Plus, the words of Jesus can leave the reader with more questions than answers.  Truth be told the gospel of John has often been ignored at best and misused or misinterpreted at worst.

But here is why I love it….

While keeping Jesus’s divinity intact, John’s gospel paints Jesus as incredibly, even scandalously, human. In John, Jesus asks for water when he’s thirsty at a Samaritan well. He weeps when his friend dies.  He uses some of his last breath making sure someone takes care of his mother.

It can be unsettling to picture God as a vulnerable human being with all the same particularities and limitations as you and me. But at the same time, it demonstrates God’s profound love for us.  Jesus knows our struggles, our pain, our joys, our hopes, and our challenges.  Jesus knows what it means to face what we face.  And yet, he did it to have an intimate relationship with us.  God wanted to be so close to us, that God even chose to become mortal.  We are loved that much.

By now, you have probably put away your Christmas tree, written the last thank you note, and gotten back into the post-holiday routine.  But as you get back to life as usual, don’t forget the profound truth we just celebrated: “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” (John:1:14).  Jesus is with us longing to be in relationship with you and me.  Don’t fall back into the habits of ordinary life to the point of forgetting the gift we’ve been given.  Take time to tend to your relationship with God.  It’s the greatest gift you received for Christmas.

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Amy