Pastor’s Blog for 8-11-17

A Note from the Pastor…

We end our sermon series on Ephesians this Sunday.  For the entirely of his letter to the Ephesians, Paul has talked of God’s power and plan for reconciliation.  He has preached on freedom and salvation.  He has called people to action by telling them to share their gifts and work for the vision God has given.

And yet, Paul writes this letter while still in prison calling himself “an ambassador in chains.”  It’s a striking image.  How can people keep working for God’s vision of peace, reconciliation, and freedom while still in chains?  How do they keep striving?  How do they keep believing?

To me, Paul’s writing in prison is an image of persistent faith and hope.  He doesn’t give up on God’s vision even when it means personal sacrifice.  He keeps encouraging others in their work and ministry to fulfill the promises of the gospel even when they are not yet a reality.

In reading Ephesians, I have been reminded of other saints like Paul in more recent history who were imprisoned for God’s vision – Dietrich Bonhoeffer standing against Nazis, Martin Luther King speaking for civil rights, Nelson Mandela resisting apartheid.  With their persistent efforts of faith and hope, regardless of cost, they helped to make God’s salvation and freedom more of a reality on earth.

In the same way, each of us is called to be an image of persistent faith and hope.  Are we willing to sacrifice and work for God’s vision even when we wonder about its fruition?  I pray that we are.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday,

Pastor Amy